The Artistic Traditions of Non-European Cultures, vol. 7/8

Ewa Kamińska, Beata Romanowicz, Aleksandra Görlich (ed.)

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SeriaThe Artistic Traditions of Non-European Cultures
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The Artistic Traditions of Non-European Cultures, vol. 7/8

Cultural Bridges: Collections – Encounters – Inspirations
Japanese Art in Central and Eastern Europe till 1919 and beyond

This publication, which is a part of an ongoing project entitled “Collections – Encounters – Inspirations: Japanese Art in Central and Eastern Europe till 1919 and beyond”, commemorates the 100th anniversary of Poland’s diplomatic relations with Japan. The primary objective of this project is to promote inter-sector cooperation between universities, museums, associations, collectors and artists specialising in Japanese art and culture. Furthermore, the project aims to create a network for international cooperation among scholars exploring encounters between Japan and Central and Eastern Europe (from their first contact until now), including collections of Japanese art and crafts, the role of collectors and the reception of Japanese art and crafts in the latter countries.

Table of contents

Ewa Kamińska, Beata Romanowicz, Aleksandra Görlich
Collections – Encounters – Inspirations. Contemporary research on artistic relations between Europe and Japan

Ewa Kamińska
Learning from Japan and inspiring the future. Feliks “Manggha“ Jasieński and the 100-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Poland
and Japan

Kasuya Akiko
History of museum in Japan and the character of its collection

Alice Kraemerová
Japanese arts and crafts for European customers

Ralf Čeplak Mencin
The first extensive collection of Chinese and Japanese antiquities in Slovenia

Klara Hrvatin
Japanese collections in Slovenia: past exhibitions and present developments

Kristine Milere
Japanese art collection of the Latvian National Museum of Art

Anna Katarzyna Maleszko
Significant sources in creating the Warsaw collections of Japanese art

Małgorzata Reinhard-Chlanda
Technical and Industrial Museum and its role as the first state institution in Krakow collecting Japanese art

Beata Romanowicz
Collecting Japanese art in the National Museum in Krakow before 1919

Krzysztof Kalitko, Joanna Kokoć
The unfinished journey. The hasamibako from the collection of the National Museum in Poznań

Estera Żeromska
The turn of the 20th century and the mosaic of the Polish-Japanese associations (religion, dance, theatre, literature, music)

Aleksandra Görlich
Image of Japan created by Feliks “Manggha” Jasieński in articles published in the ‘Miesięcznik Literacki i Artystyczny’ and ‘Chimera’ magazines

Agnese Haijima
Cultural ties between Japan and Latvia: with focus on architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and art collections

Łukasz Kossowski
Point of view

Svitlana Rybalko
Japonisme in Ukrainian art of the late 19th–early 21st centuries

Ivanna Pavelchuk
Reflections on Japonisme in the practice of Ukrainian colourists of the Art Nouveau period

Zofia Weiss
The influence of Japanese woodcuts on erotic images of women in European art at the turn of the 20th century

Segawa Yumi
Digital archives in Japan: digital resources of Japanese art and crafts and current movements

Anna Król
Exhibitions of Polish Japonisme at the Manggha Museum as intercultural dialogue

Mirjam Dénes
A common heritage. Japonisme in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy: a project report

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