The Artistic Traditions of Non-European Cultures, vol. 9/10

Magdalena Durda-Dmitruk (ed.)

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SeriaThe Artistic Traditions of Non-European Cultures
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Format16,5 x 23,5
WydawcaPolski Instytut Studiów nad Sztuką Świata

The Artistic Traditions of Non-European Cultures, vol. 9/10


Homelessness can be understood and interpreted in a variety of ways. On the one hand, it can be taken literally as the lack of a physical, material residence (a home, but also a country). At other times it is framed metaphorically as a kind of “spiritual reality” linked to a Heideggerian internal migration towards a state of “authenticity”, as one discovers one’s own “primordial, metaphysical homelessness”. We can talk about the homelessness of artists in relation to several areas and categories: as a socio-political phenomenon (existing outside a community), in the psychological sense (being excluded or misunderstood by society), as being in exile, having a nomadic lifestyle (no permanent place of residence), experiencing liminal states, “being in the world”, or having a specific state of mind (for example a keen sense of missing one’s homeland).

Table of contents

Magdalena Durda-Dmitruk
The Homelessness of the Artists. Introduction

Yuko Nakama
Miyanaga Aiko and the Flow of Water

Akiko Kasuya
The Eternal Traveller Tomohiro Higashikage

Anna Katarzyna Maleszko
Darkness and Radiance, or On the Benefits of Suffering in an Artist’s Solitary Wandering

Magdalena Furmanik-Kowalska
Living out of a Suitcase: The Symbols of Travel in Far East Asian Art

Agnieszka Rożnowska
Modern-day Nomads

Dorota Seweryn-Puchalska
Koji Kamoji: From Homelessness to Settling into Oneself

Magdalena Durda-Dmitruk
Takesada Matsutani: In Search of Artistic Identity

Radosław Predygier
My Way in Japan

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